HMG has the most technologically advanced surface finishing workshop in the Asia Pacific region.

Since starting life as a small surface finishing shop in 1959, HMG has grown to become one of the world’s most trusted names in hard chromium electro-plating, arc spraying and high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) spraying, cylindrical grinding, and polishing. Our company has a reputation for providing best of breed outcomes for companies operating in mining, construction, oil and gas and other heavy industries.

HMG’s 3,000m2 hardchroming facility in Brisbane is accredited to the most stringent international standards for quality, safety and the environment. We have the capacity to handle jobs of all sizes from a small component only a few centimetres long to the largest hydraulic excavator ram currently operating globally.



  • Vertical plating tanks up to 4,800mm deep x 2,600mm long x 1,200mm wide.
  • 5 x polishing machines up to 840mm diameter and 16,000mm length.
  • 11 x external grinding machines up to 920mm diameter and 5,500mm in length.
  • 2 x internal grinding machines up to 700mm diameter and 500mm in length.
  • Pre and post baking ovens up to 5,400mm in length and 800mm wide.
  • HVOF up to 500mm diameter and 6,000mm in length.
  • Arc Spray up to 500mm diameter and 6,000mm in length.
  • Chrome analysis laboratory with Salt Spray testing cabinet.